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Request a Club or Chapter

Start a new club or chapter for FLC Alumni

We're glad you're excited about being part of the greater FLC alumni community at large. Before you begin, please familiarize yourself with the guidelines for creating clubs and chapters at Fort Lewis College. Then, please review the process for requesting a new chapter or club below.

Request a club or chapter:

  1. Submit your request using the form on this page. The Office of Alumni Engagement will contact you to set up a meeting (in-person or by phone). 
  2. The Office of Alumni Engagement will gauge interest within the targeted alumni community, typically by sending out an email to that group of alumni.
  3. If there is enough interest (minimum of 10 participants), the group leader submits an official club or chapter request email to The Office of Alumni Engagement.
  4. The Alumni Engagement Office reviews your official request and if approved, you have your club or chapter. 

Request Form