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About Clubs & Chapters

Clubs & Chapters at FLC

Around the nation, Fort Lewis College alumni clubs and chapters serve as your connection to FLC. Gatherings and events encourage alumni networking and FLC pride and in cities across the United States. FLC Alumni chapters and clubs provide alumni with meaningful ways to stay connected with the FLC network wherever they live and work. Every chapter and club is led by alumni volunteers.

What's the difference between a club and a chapter?

FLC alumni Chapters abide by standard bylaws set by FLC and meet regularly to discuss ways to support FLC and its students. Clubs are more social in nature, and tend to be more location-based. In both cases, FLC alumni clubs and chapters objectives are to:

  • Represent and advance the name and reputation of FLC and the Alumni Engagement Office
  • Foster lifelong relationships between alumni, future alumni and friends of the university
  • Organize diverse and engaging events